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Issues Management

A Twenty-Minute Issues Management Session
Produces Better Outcomes
Than a Two-Hour Traditional Meeting

In the digital age, managers are daily confronted with a staggering number of issues to be assessed, problems to be resolved and opportunities explored and assessed. Time is wasted if the process takes too long and mistakes will be made if it is less than thorough.

The traditional meeting model no longer satisfies the collaboration needs of the twenty-first century manager.

However, when Issues Management sessions are used in place of traditional meetings, critical issues are quickly identified and most of them get resolved on-the-spot, before they become problems. And since Action Plans from all collaboration sessions are fed to an Ongoing Planning Platform, ownership of critical issues is more readily embraced and accountability and follow-up are ensured. In addition, because managers are operating from a unified strategic perspective, productivity and speed-to-market capabilities are measurably transformed.

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