Transforming Thought on the Human Platform


QuantumMeetings® algorithms combine software with breakthrough collaboration protocols to transform the quality of thought in meetings and empower teams to access the quantum field of unlimited business development opportunities.

The sessions encapsulate thirty years of in-person meeting facilitation with Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, small and midsized companies, municipalities, and industry associations. Martin Murphy is the author of “No More Pointless Meetings: Breakthrough Sessions That Will Revolutionize the Way You Work” (American Management Association/HarperCollins Publishers, 2012).

Benefits of QuantumMeetings®

While the preemptive value of upgrading in-house talent is formidable, the societal benefits of doing so are potentially epochal.

  • Internally, sessions empower teams to capitalize on the business development opportunities triggered by emerging AI, 5G and IoT technologies.
  • A collaboration database provides on-going systems monitoring and supports education initiatives to ensure that teams stay current with exponentially growing information loads and AI strategy options.
  • All sessions are verifiably productive collaborative events.
  • Sessions are conducted in a manner that expands individual and group operating context.
  • Quality of thought improves with successive sessions.
  • Creative and cognitive talent is expertly leveraged in every session.
  • Connectivity of all issues is top-of-mind in every session.
  • The attainment of category leadership drives the strategic mindset of the organization.
  • Sessions empower team members at every level of responsibility and discipline to operate from a unified strategic perspective.

Please contact us if you would like to preview a  limited function prototype of the QuantumMeetings® "Innovation Session" and review the "Problem Solving" and "Issues Management" algorithms.


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