Transforming Innovation on the Human Platform

Client Experience

(Partial Listing)

  • IBM (Strategic Planning)
  • Unilever (Business Development)
  • Mars, Inc. (New Product Development)
  • Turtle Wax, Inc. (Business Development)
  • Portland Public Library Portland, Maine
  • The Pillsbury Company (Business Development)
  • Sterling Drug/Bayer Aspirin (Business Development)
  • National Association for Home Care, Washington, DC (Medicare Reimbursement Initiative for Presentation to U.S. Congress)
  • The Coca-Cola Company (New Product Development)
  • PepsiCo. (Frito-Lay Division)
  • City of Atlanta, GA (Atlanta Police Department Command Staff, (Strategy Planning, Persian Gulf Crisis)
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb (Clairol Division, New Product Development)
  • Connecticut Association for Home Care (Issues Management Skills Training, Agency Administrators)

In addition, our business development experience with start-ups and small businesses is extensive.

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