QuantumMeetings® Innovation

We have discovered a means to identify new business opportunities at exponential speed by combining human and artificial intelligence and utilizing quantum theory protocols where appropriate. While the core purpose of QuantumMeetings®Innovation is discovery, expanding the operating context of value creators is the strategic imperative.
Quantum Meetings® Innovation Platforms Do Not Utilize Human Meeting Hosts or Facilitators.
Privately operated platforms are active 24/7 and do not require users to confer with one another. Client interactions are fed into a database that arranges them in a Master List format.
QuantumMeetings® Innovation introduces a new era of value creation that bears little resemblance to the brainstorming sessions and meetings that defined business development efforts of the past. It was created by Martin Murphy, a professional meeting facilitator whose innovation research and consulting experience span forty years with clients ranging from homecare startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, municipalities, industry, and professional associations.
He is the author of "No More Pointless Meetings: Breakthrough Sessions That Will Revolutionize the Way You Work" (American Management Association / HarperCollins Publishers, 2012).
An expanded algorithmic hybrid of the QuantumMeetings® Innovation platform, with limited functionality, is available for preview.
For more information, please contact:

Martin Murphy, Founder and CEO
QuantumMeetings® AI, Inc.
48 Foreside Common Drive
Falmouth, ME 04105